Hey Edmonton!

We are seeking a regular meeting space.

Global Shapers is a volunteer initiative of the World Economic Forum. We are a not-for-profit volunteer based board, and we meet on a regular monthly basis. We are looking for a local office meeting space that we could use consistently on a continual basis.


We are a community oriented organization doing good in Edmonton.

We are improving Edmonton for all its citizens, one project at a time. We are volunteers, and our only goal is community betterment. Your help would go a long way to help us maintain a consistent meeting cadence, and we would gladly promote your business as a supporter of Global Shapers on our social media! 

Learn more about Global Shapers here


  • Must be available on the second Wednesday of every month from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

  • An accessible space with WiFi capabilities

  • Enough space for up to 25 people

  • Easy to access 

  • Table/chairs (boardroom or classroom set up)

  • Presentation technology preferred


 We are looking for a space to use free of charge, as our revenue income is limited. We would love to have a company in Edmonton offer up their space as a corporate sponsorship. If we find the right space that is available on a consistent basis, we could spend up to $100 a month for the space.

Do you have a meeting space we can utilize for our monthly meetings?
Is it available in the evening on the second Wednesday of every month?
Is there a cost associated?

Shape Edmonton, a Global Shapers Edmonton Initiative

Global Shapers is a volunteer initiative of the World Economic Forum. It is a network of hubs across the globe developed and led by young people who desire to make a contribution to their communities.

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