January 2018: #SHAPEYEG

January 2018 was a busy month for the Global Shapers, as we started to plan our upcoming events for the Shape Edmonton Urban Isolation Project.

We knew that we first needed to get the word out about our initiative. And how better to do that than to create a winter city version of a crop circle in our downtown core.

Five of the Shapers - Kady Hobbins, Avery Johnson, Dominic Schamuhn, Cam McCoy, and Nicole Spring - set out on a bitter cold winter night with a plan in mind. They tromped through the snow with conviction, and spelled out the letters one-by-one: #-S-H-A-P-E-Y-E-G.

The result was a spectacle visible from Edmonton's downtown high rises, and a hashtag that will carry through the project for the rest of the year.


Global Shapers

20-33 year old entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, professionals, parents, students, and Edmontonians. We are united by our common desire to build a more peaceful and inclusive world.

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Global Shapers is a volunteer initiative of the World Economic Forum. It is a network of hubs across the globe developed and led by young people who desire to make a contribution to their communities.

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